As fourteen years ago in the most famous Champions League final ever written, Liverpool returned to be crowned in Istanbul with the European Super Cup after a penalty shootout against Chelsea that had Spanish goalkeeper Adrián San Miguel as the protagonist, stopping at Young Tammy Abraham the final release.

Olivier Giroud’s goal in the first half and Sadio Mané’s draw in the second led the final to an extension in which the Senegalese himself advanced to Liverpool and Jorginho tied from the penalty spot (2-2).

Precisely the shots from eleven meters took the cup to Liverpool, as it happened in that final of 2005, then with Jerzy Dudek as hero ‘Red’, this time with Adrian, who just signed a contract with the English just a week ago .

Lampard was stirring nervously on his bench and although the fans exploded in the stands for the excitement of a European final, everyone feared that if Manchester United had scored them four three days ago, what could the European champion do with them.

Therefore, the ‘Blues’ came out a little more crouched and let Liverpool handle the ball, giving the first blows through a Salah that could overtake their own if it were not for a big hand down Kepa.

Chelsea began to appear

Gradually Chelsea began to appear, leaning on Pedro, who always meets in the finals. The Spanish commanded an attack in which this time Lampard did not experience. He was accompanied by Giroud and Christian Pulisic and the fruits soon appeared near the goal of Adrián San Miguel.

The first to try was Pedro himself with a shot to the crossbar and later Giroud with a Chilean deflected. The Blues’ goal problems continued, which, counting the game against United, accumulated three consecutive balls to the stick.

Then N’golo Kanté appeared. The Frenchman, physically touched at the beginning of this campaign, was responsible for unblocking the team from midfield to the Adrian area. In one of his mythical conductions, he connected with Pulisic. The American crossed, while Giroud confused the defense of Klopp and by the time Pulisic leaked the pass, the French could define alone and beating Adrian under.

The corrective could be even greater, but before the 40th minute, the schoolgirl, Stéphanie Frappart, the first woman to referee a European final, annulled Pulisic the second for offside.

The passage through changing rooms served for Klopp to recycle, take Oxlade-Chamberlain out of the field and put Roberto Firmino, one of those pieces that the German does not usually do without.

And the return to the origins won the tie to the ‘Reds’ when Fabinho slipped the ball to Firmino, this, with more fortune than anything else he left to Mané and the Senegalese, to the second, put the 1-1.

Liverpool took advantage of the moment and could get more income from the mood blow, but Chelsea managed to forget the goal and minute by minute he reached Adrián’s goal again.

But it was Liveprool who had it in a corner, with a spectacular Kepa taking down a shot of Salah first and a shot at close range, with pure reflex, a shot of Virgil Van Dijk who from the Spanish gloves went to the crossbar and to the stick.

The game had overturned and it rained the chances for one side and the other. When it was not Pedro who tried it, it was Salah who put Chelsea in a hurry, and Mason Mount, one of the young men who Lampard protects, got the second goal, but, as happened to Pulisic, in an advanced position.

To the extension

Unable both to specify, there was extension in the Turkish night and as it happened in the second part, the success came from the hand of the connection between Firmino and Mané. The Brazilian won the baseline, put the pass back and Mané placed it in the squad to give Liverpool an advantage that Adrián squandered with a penalty on Abraham that Jorginho scored.

But it was Adrian later that kept his team in the game, taking a shot with a popcorn from the front of the young Mount and sending the match to the penalties.

He started guessing Firmino and equalized Jorginho from eleven meters. Both without possibilities for Kepa and Adrián. A reluctant Fabinho did not err and Ross Barkley, accurate, either. 2-2 and Origi, hopefully, surpassed Kepa, keeping the idyll that binds him to football since the Metropolitan final. He replied as if a shooter with years of experience was Mount, digging her into the squad. 3-3 and Kepa touched the ball again, which still slipped. 4-3 and Emerson played it downtown. Inside. Sudden death began.


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