Liverpool did not miss the stumble of Naples, which could not pass the draw at home against Salzburg, to be imposed on Tuesday by 2-1 to a Genk, who was about to pay the apathy of Jürgen Klopp, who during many minutes seemed to be more aware of the next league commitment to Manchester City than of the duel with the Belgian team.

Something that nobody could have imagined before the overwhelming initial domination of Liverpool, which before reaching the first quarter of an hour of play, already dominated the scoreboard (1-0) with a goal from the Dutch Georginio Wijnaldum.

Somewhat in which beyond the well-known capacity of arrival of the international “oranje”, highlighted the good work of James Milner, who again demonstrated his ability to function with office in any position in the field.

It doesn’t matter if Klopp places him in the center of the field or on the left side, just like the Genk, veteran Milner always complies.

As he showed again in the 1-0 play, an action in which the English player after reaching the bottom line put a center for Wijnaldum, yes, after several rebounds, he opened the scoring at fourteen minutes In fact, the tireless Milner again brought the danger to the goal of the Belgian team seven minutes later with a shot from the apex of the area that came out excessively focused.

But if the commitment of James Milner was undeniable, Liverpool’s ambition, despite coming cyclically to the rival goal, gradually became exhausted, thinking of the momentous league duel that will face him next Sunday with Manchester City.


An appointment that took into account the coach of the “red” team, who did not hesitate to start key pieces like the side Andrew Robertson on the bench and, above all, strikers Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mané.

Apathy that was not long in detecting the Genk, which was gradually stripping off the defensive precautions with which the duel started and began to venture into the rival field.

A change of attitude that found its prize at 41 minutes with the goal of the Tanzanian striker Mbwana Samatta, who established the tie (1-1) when he finished off his head completely only on the first post a corner kick.

So much so that he finally emboldened Genk, who dreamed of the possibility of achieving, after fifteen games, his first victory in the Champions League, after rubbing the goal again at 43 minutes in a shot by midfielder Bryan Heynen who left outside for very little.

But if the Belgian team demonstrated their lack of “murderous” instinct at the beginning of the second period in an action by the Japanese Junya Ito, who sought the center, when he had everything in his favor to finish the goal, Liverpool showed that if something is left over It is goal.

As he made clear at 53 minutes with the goal of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, he did not miss the first opportunity available to the “reds” in the second to put the Klopp back in front (2-1) in marker

Oxlade-Chamberlain, who already achieved two of the four goals (1-4) that Liverpool scored on the last day in the Genk field, culminated with a magnificent back inside the area a pass from the Egyptian Mohamed Salah.


A goal that, as happened in the first half, despite Robertson and Mané’s entry into the field, led Liverpool to fall into indolence. An attitude that almost cost the current European champion.

And is that the Genk touched the final draw to nine minutes for the conclusion in a shot of Bryan Heynen, who after entering free brand in the area forced to show off the Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker, who with his stop prevented Liverpool from paying his apathy.


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